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To get the best rate and service from your boat hauling company it is important to be informed about the boat shipping process. Read the articles on this page to get a better idea of how your boat shipping quote is calculated and how your boat is transported.



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We would be happy to answer any of your questions about boat transport service, please, use the contact form for your questions and use our boat shipping rates form to request free rates.

· How do I receive a quotation?
· How do I book my trip?
· How do I pay?
· Can I receive a discount?
· Is there any additional cost not covered by the freight?
· Is there any deadline to book?
· What happens in case of cancellation?
· When will I be notified about loading and unloading?
· What are the requirements for customs?
· Can I stay onboard during the sailing?
· How many people are needed to load my yacht?
· Which technical information do you need?
· How long does it take to load or unload?
· Can I do maintanance work on my yacht?
· How do I get back on land after loading?
· Can you arrange for a captain to load or unload my boat?
· What happens if a yacht is not delivered on time for loading?
· What happens if a yacht is not collected for the time for unloading?

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