How to call coast guard on vhf?

How do I call the Coast Guard?

People in an emergency and need of Coast Guard assistance should use: VHF-FM Channel 16 (156.8 MHz), dial 911.

How do you talk on a VHF radio?

How do I send a VHF distress message?

There is a "procedure" for sending out a distress call, but all you really need to know is to turn your VHF to Channel 16 and high power, key the mike by pressing the talk button, and say one of the three phrases three times, along with position and situation information.

How do you call a boat radio?

Depress the side button of the radio, speak clearly and project your voice forward across the microphone area rather than directly into it, and then say the name of the boat or person/place that you’re calling up to three times and then say the name of your boat up to three times.

What frequency does the Coast Guard use?

VHF maritime channel 70 (156.525 MHz) is authorized exclusively for distress, safety and calling purposes using digital selective calling (DSC) techniques.

When should you call the Coast Guard?

So if you have a fire aboard and are sinking, or if someone aboard has a true medical emergency, call the US Coast Guard. The procedure is to repeat May Day three times, so “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, this is the sailing vessel Winterlude, Winterlude, Winterlude. Position: current latitude and longitude.

How do you call a VHF bridge?

How far can VHF transmit?

A typical VHF station operates at about 100,000 watts and has a coverage radius range of about 60 miles.

Why does the Coast Guard say Pon Pon?

Any mariners wishing to render assistance should contact the Coast Guard on Channel 16.” Pan-pan is the international urgency call indicating that someone aboard a boat is declaring an urgent situation that is not an immediate threat to either the vessel or the people on board.

What is the emergency VHF frequency?

If the aircraft is unable to establish communications on the frequency in use, the distress call and message should be repeated on the aeronautical emergency frequency (121.5 MHz ), or any other frequency available, in an effort to establish communications with any aeronautical ground station or other aircraft station.

What is the call before MAYDAY?

Radioing "pan-pan" informs potential rescuers (including emergency services and other craft in the area) that an urgent problem exists, whereas "mayday" calls on them to drop all other activities and immediately begin a rescue.

How do you talk to a marine VHF?

What channel is the Coast Guard?

Any vessel in distress should use Channel 16 VHF-FM (which the Coast Guard does monitor). Channel 22 is the most common working channel for USCG in the event of an emergency. The following list of channels are those available in the United States for VHF Radio communications.

How do you call Tow Boat US on VHF?

The Center can be reached by calling 800-391-4869 or pushing Call for a Tow on your BoatUS App. While on the water you can also hail "TowBoatUS" on VHF channel 16 or via a Coast Guard relay to be connected to a TowBoatUS port in your immediate area.

What channel should my VHF be on?

Federal Communications Commission regulations require boaters having VHF radios to maintain a watch on either channel 9 or channel 16, whenever the radio is turned on and not communicating with another station. All non-emergency traffic should be communicated on another channel (not channels 9 or 16).

What is VHF channel 12 used for?

Vessel traffic regulating

Channel 11-12: Vessel traffic regulating.

What is VHF channel 16 used for?

national distress, safety and calling frequency

Channel 16 is designated as the national distress, safety and calling frequency. All vessels should monitor this channel while underway. When hailing other boats for routine communication, you’ll need to hail them on 16 or 09, and then move to an available working channel, usually 68, 69, 71 or 72.

Why is VHF The best way to call for help?

Calling from your cell phone does not alert nearby vessels that you are in distress — they could be the ones to help you if they could hear you.

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