How to catch redfish in brackish water?

What is the best bait for brackish water?

BRACKISH WATER BAITS AND LURES Shrimp and finger mullet are two natural baits that generally work well when fishing in brackish areas. If you prefer using artificial baits or lures, you can try spoons, bucktail jigs, and topwater poppers.

What is the best time of day to catch redfish?

The best time of day to catch redfish is in the morning before the sun heats up the shallows and in the afternoon off in deeper water features like jetties, wrecks, and bridges. Redfish funnel back into deeper water in the afternoon because it is both cooler and holds more bait than the shallows.

What is the best bait for redfish?


During the spring, the best baitfish to use are mullet, pilchards, greenies or pogies. Although redfish also eat shellfish and crabs, they’ll eat the prey that’s easiest. If you’re not able to get some live bait, you also can use dead bait too. Use a 7/0 hook and put some mullet fillet on it.

How do you catch a saltwater redfish?

If you want to know how to catch big redfish, live baits like mullet, croakers and mud minnows are the top presentation. “In early fall, mullet congregate around the jetties for their spawn, coinciding with the bull reds running. Typically, a 4- to 8-inch mullet works, but it’s a trade-off.

What do fish eat in brackish water?

In their natural environment, Brackish Water Fish live where freshwater meets saltwater. … A well-balanced Brackish Water diet consists of:

  1. Live or frozen foods, such as brine shrimp or bloodworms.
  2. Flake and dried foods or vegetable matter.
  3. Some are scavengers and will eat any leftover food or debris.

Can you fish with worms in brackish water?

In most cases, the same techniques that work for species in their native waters work when they move into brackish areas. For example, bass in brackish water still strike crank baits and plastic worms, while snook often favor mullet heads, regardless of the water’s salt content.

How deep do you fish for redfish?

You can catch redfish from just about any water depth from 6 inches in the back country shallows to more than 100 feet deep when you are fishing the offshore reefs, wrecks and oil rigs.

What is the best month to catch redfish?

The best season for redfish is late summer & mid-fall in grassy flats. August & September are particularly good in Tampa Bay area grass flats. During the summer, the larger redfish, called bull reds, come up from the deeper waters to the shoreline and can be found along jetties and bridges around this time.

What size hook is best for redfish?

1/0 circle

What size hooks are best for catching redfish? The best all around hook size for catching keeper size redfish is a 1/0 circle or j hook. A 1/0 hook size is stout enough to bring in a slot sized redfish without straightening out but is small enough to catch the smaller redfish too.

What color lures do redfish like?

Finally, wherever you go, redfish like the color gold. Everyone knows that a simple gold spoon is a redfish staple, and for good reason. Having some baits littered with gold flake, like Golden Boy or the new Beer Run color, is always a good idea when reds are the target.

Will redfish eat frozen shrimp?

Dead or alive, fresh or frozen, shrimp are one of the best baits for inshore saltwater fishing. Black drum, bonefish, flounder, grouper, jackfish, pompano, redfish, snook, sea trout, sheepshead, tarpon, and whiting are among the species you can catch with this crustacean.

What artificial bait do redfish like?

A lineup of the best artificial baits for redfish wouldn’t be complete without a soft-plastic shrimp. The D.O.A Shrimp, Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ, and LiveTarget Rigged Shrimp are the cream of the crop.

How do you rig up for redfish?

Where do redfish like to hang out?

Are redfish bottom feeders?

A redfish’s diet consists mostly of smaller fish, shrimp, clams, worms, and crabs. They’re primarily bottom feeders, but can be aggressive and feed much higher in the water column if the opportunity arises.

Do you need a special filter for brackish water?

The supplies you need for a brackish tank are almost exactly the same as a freshwater tank — such as a fish tank, aquarium stand (optional), lid, light, heater, thermometer, filter, dechlorinator, and aquarium siphon. In terms of substrate, you can use regular gravel, sand, or other inert products.

What kind of salt do you use for brackish water?

Brackish water environments typically range between 1.005 and 1.012. Use Coralife Marine Salt Mix to create the proper salinity. Brackish water often has a higher pH and alkalinity than freshwater as well.

How can you tell if water is brackish?

Can sheepshead live in brackish water?

Primarily occurring inshore around rock pilings, jetties, mangrove roots, and piers as well as in tidal creeks, the euryhaline sheepshead prefers brackish waters. It seeks out warmer spots near spring outlets and river discharges and sometimes enters freshwater during the winter months.

Does fake bait work in saltwater?

Soft Plastic Fluke (Jerkbait) Freshwater, Saltwater, Brackishwater… the Fluke can attract a fish strike almost anywhere! In fact, the fluke is probably one of the best overall artificial lures for both freshwater and saltwater fishing (and the company Zoom Bait does make them for both freshwater and saltwater anglers).

Can you use shiners in brackish water?

Shiner surfperch are probably the number one fish caught by young fishers along the California coast. This fish can live in both salt water and fresh or brackish water found in coastal wetlands.

Are redfish good eating?

In short, Yes, Redfish are good to eat. But, you may want to focus on Redfish smaller than 24 inches or so. Redfish are a very popular with anglers across the Southeast. Overall, It’s a great food fish and can be prepared in many different ways.

How do you target a red drum?

What do red fish like to eat?

What do they feed on? In summer and fall, adult redfish feed on shrimp, crabs, and mullet. In winter and spring, adults primarily feed on mullet, pinfish, sea robin, lizardfish, Atlantic croaker, and marine worms among others.

Where do redfish go at night?

Many times, the reds will be feeding in the deeper water below the light and below the top-feeding speckled trout. A nighttime angler fishing on the bottom under dock lights should not be at all surprised if a delicious flounder takes a turn at a jig or a live bait.

How do you catch redfish in March?

Benoit suggests concentrating on deep holes, especially the sharp bends in bayous. Since March is usually windy, cold and rainy, and the redfish lurking in the shelters of these deeper coldwater environs are somewhat lethargic in their feeding pace, Benoit recommends working a bait or lure slowly across the bottom.

Where do redfish go in winter?

During the spring and summer, speckled trout and redfish tend to scatter out. However, in the colder months, these species generally stack up in deep holes in the bottoms of bays, rivers and inlets.

How do you hook shrimp to redfish?

Do you need a leader for redfish?

Having a good leader line with strong knots is absolutely essential for inshore anglers who want to land big snook, redfish, trout, tarpon, etc.

How do you hold a red drum?

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