How to change a mercury prop?

How do you remove a prop from a Mercury outboard?

How do you change the prop on a old Mercury outboard?

All you need to do is:

  1. Pry back the locking tabs of the lock-nut retainer.
  2. Remove the propeller using a prop wrench (and a wooden block to keep the prop from spinning).
  3. Lubricate the prop shaft and reinstall the thrust washer.
  4. Slide the new prop/hub assembly and the lock-nut retainer onto the prop shaft.

Are all mercury props interchangeable?

many yamaha and merc props are interchangeable. depends more on the motor. mine for instance have the "fat" shafts (bigger dia. prop shafts), hence my props might fit a Yam but my hubs won’t.

How do you change outboard prop?

Is a 4 blade prop better than 3?

3 or 4 Blades? A 3 blade propeller usually offers top speed performance while a 4 blade propeller provides maximum thrust and smooth cruising operation. Four blades have some features of their own, though. They often provide more lift at the stern which will help accelerate the hull, especially if it is stern heavy.

How much play should a mercury prop have?

Not an issue. If so, there will normally be about 1/8 of an inch of play. Hub is designed that way. If you have the flo torq 2 hubs, either they aren’t tightened down tight, or you have a little play in the prop shaft.

What size socket do I need to remove a boat propeller?

1 1/16”

Removing Your Boat Propeller: Step #1 Now, you’ll need a socket, usually 1 1/16” will do the trick, but if you have a socket set, we recommend having that handy as not all sizes are the same and can vary by manufacturer.

Can I use a Yamaha prop on a Mercury?

Yes, a Yamaha prop can be re-hubbed for a Mercury but it should also drop onto a Mercury thrust washer too. If you like the Yamaha SWS II, you’ll like the Mercury MIRAGEplus better.

How many splines does a mercury prop have?

15 spline

Mercury Outboard Propeller 40-140 HP Mercury 15 spline.

What outboard props are interchangeable?

Interchangeable propeller systems (and they are all compatible) such as the Solas Rubex System, Flo-Torq and Vortex are an option for quick swapping.

How long does it take to change a prop on a boat?

How long does it take to change from prop to jet?- About one hour; more the first time, less after you have done it. Raising the boat transom approximately six inches takes longer, depending on how you do it.

How do you make a prop puller?

How do you get a prop off?

Do prop knockers work?

Yes a Prop knocker is fine. Make sure it is nice and tight. The prop knock and hammer hits are a lot less stress that shifting from forward to reverse to do not worry. If it is real cold or the wheel is stubborn some gentle heat will help.

How do you fix a spun propeller?

How much speed do you lose with a 4 blade prop?

At the higher end of the RPM scale, the 3 blade propeller will almost always outperform the 4 blade propeller, so you can expect to lose about 5% of the top speed with a 4 blade propeller.

What pitch prop is best for speed?

The lower the prop pitch, the better your hole-shot. However, this comes at a price: top speed. The lower pitch makes the engine reach maximum rpm at slower speeds. Conversely, a higher pitch will deliver greater top speeds, but slower acceleration.

How do you know if you need a new prop?

8 Clear Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Boat Propeller

  1. It Has Too Much Pitch. …
  2. It Doesn’t Have Enough Pitch. …
  3. It’s a Compromise Propeller. …
  4. You Damaged It in the Water. …
  5. It’s Made of Aluminum. …
  6. You Want to Go Faster. …
  7. You’re Losing Gas. …
  8. It’s Not the Right Diameter.

How tight should a prop be?

Re: How much do you tighten the prop nut? The "correct" answer is, you tighten them to the manufacturers specification. The easy answer is you tighten it tight enough to get all the slop out then keep tightening until the next cotter key hole lines up.

What size is the nut on a mercury prop?


Nut size 1-7/16" fits Mercruiser Bravo II sterndrives.

Is a prop nut reverse thread?

That means for a CCW motor, the prop nut is secured by turning clockwise. And for CW motors, the prop nuts needs to be rotated anti-clockwise in order to fasten.

What size is the prop nut?

Prop Nut Compatibility: 1-1/16" Nut (the standard size nut for 1", 1-1/8", and spline shafts)

Will a tohatsu prop fit a Mercury?

FYI Mercury and Tohatsu props are interchangable on the new 4 strokes!

Are all prop hubs the same?

Each propeller is designed to use one type or the other. While pressed hubs are made of rubber, interchangeable hubs are sometimes made of a more rigid material, but we find that rubber interchangeable hubs offer better vibration dampening.

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