How to describe breeze?

How would you describe breeze in creative writing?

Breeze sentence example

  1. A cool breeze touched her cheeks and neck. …
  2. It’s like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. …
  3. A cool breeze touched the warmth of her cheeks. …
  4. There was a chill in the breeze now. …
  5. The flower moved as if caught in a breeze, not an earthquake.

Is Breeze a descriptive word?

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb breeze which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. With a breeze blowing, with a lively wind, pleasantly windy. (figuratively) With a cheerful, casual, lively and light-hearted manner.

What is a gentle breeze called?

Zephyr: A soft, gentle breeze. The name derives from Zephyros, the ancient Greek name for the west wind, a wind that is usually light and beneficial in Greece.

How do you use cool breeze in a sentence?

One day, they were enjoying a fresh cool breeze coming through their open doors and windows of the house.

How do you describe the feeling of wind?

Some nice words to describe wind include gusty (when it starts and stops), biting (when it is very cold) and howling (when it makes a loud noise).

How would you describe wind?

Wind is described with direction and speed. The direction of the wind is expressed as the direction from which the wind is blowing. For example, easterly winds blow from east to west, while westerly winds blow from west to east.

What’s another word for soft breeze?

breeze, air, gentle wind, zephyr.

What are some other words for breeze?


  1. air,
  2. breath,
  3. puff,
  4. waft,
  5. zephyr.

How would you describe the sky?

It is interesting because the sky can be so many different things to us, it can be big, beautiful and blue, or gray, with clouds and rain. It can also be full of stars, or it can be full of orange and red clouds at sunset or sunrise.

What is a nice breeze?

Definition of gentle breeze : wind having a speed of 8 to 12 miles per hour (about 12 to 19 kilometers per hour) — see Beaufort Scale Table.

What is a strong breeze called?

blow, storm, gust, hurricane, draft, gale, squall, tempest, flurry, puff, typhoon.

What does fresh breeze mean?

Definition of fresh breeze : wind having a speed of 19 to 24 miles per hour (30 to 39 kilometers per hour) — see Beaufort Scale Table.

How would you describe a breeze moving?

blow, dance, flap, flutter, rustle, sway, swing, waveThe ribbon fluttered and danced in the breeze.

What does Breeze mean in weather?

In general, a breeze is a light wind, which appears due to temperature difference between two air masses. Depending on the heating force, the land affects the circulation of the air flow. The more heating up of the land, the greater the temperature difference, the stronger the breeze is.

How do you describe wind in a narrative?

For the wind, you can look into "gust" (noun), "blustery" (adjective), or their synonyms. The jacket flapping in the strong wind. swing, bounce, rock, sway, vibrate, flutter, wobble, oscillate, shake, wave, whip, be battered, flap, be agitated.

How do you describe wind blowing gently?

when the wind blows gently it is called as breeze.

How do you describe blowing in the wind?

You could say "the wind is ruffling their hair" or "blowing through" it. I agree with this. Ruffled, fluttered, whispered…these words work much better than running. The wind ruffled his hair.

How do you write the sound of wind?

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, pitter-patter, pitter-patter….. whoosh….. Whoosh…..

How do we personify wind?

An example of personification of wind is: The wind leapt through the open window and scattered across the tile floor. Another example of the personification of wind is the poem “wind” by Subramania Bharati in which the poet talks to the wind and describes the power of wind as destructive. “Wind, come softly.

What is fast wind called?

Gentle or moderate wind is called breeze. Fast and strong wind is called storm, when accompanied by thunder and lightning. Short bursts of wind moving at high speeds are known as gusts.

What is soft and gentle wind called?

soft breeze. A breeze is a gentle wind. […] warm breeze. A breeze is a gentle wind. […]

What is lighter than a breeze?

lighter-than-air. floaty.

Is Breeze a wind?

Breeze is a very light wind which we can just feel, while wind blows harder and we can even hear it. Wind and breeze are two sides of the same coin. When it’s soothing we call it breeze and when harsh it is generally referred as wind.

How do you say beautiful sky?

Synonyms for Beautiful sky

  1. gorgeous sky. n.
  2. pretty sky. n.
  3. wonderful sky. n.
  4. beautiful paradise. n.
  5. glorious sky. n.
  6. heavenly sky. n.
  7. interesting sky. n.
  8. lovely heaven. n.

How would you describe sky in creative writing?

The slanting rays of the setting sun gave a warm orange tinge to the sky. The sky was ablaze with the fire of the setting sun. The night sky was aglow with bright city lights. The pale crescent moon shone like a silvery claw in the night sky.

What do you call a beautiful sky?

04Radiant. A radiant sky is one where there aren’t many clouds to block the light, so the day itself is bright and lively. You can use this term to describe “golden hour” when the sun is just rising or before it sets where the sky has a bright, orange glow.

What verb goes with breeze?

breeze verb [I usually + adv/prep] (DO EASILY) to easily complete or win something: She breezed through the song as though she’d been singing it for years. mainly US He breezed to victory with 78 percent of the vote.

What are the types of breeze?

Breeze is classified into three types:

  1. Sea Breeze.
  2. Land Breeze.
  3. Valley Breeze.

Is a fresh breeze strong?

Fresh breeze at 29-38 kph (19-24 mph). Small trees sway, whitecaps form on waves. 6. Strong breeze at 39-49 kph (25-31 mph).

What does a fresh breeze feel like?

Calm. Smoke rises vertically. Ripples without crests. Smoke drift indicates wind direction and wind vanes cease moving.

Is a breath of fresh air a metaphor?

A breath of fresh air (metaphor) = a welcome and refreshing change. Imagine you are in a small hot room with many other people – the air in the room is stale, smelly, humid.

What’s another word for fresh air?

What is another word for fresh air?

ventilationfreshened air
oxygenated airpure air
purified air

What type of wind is a breeze?

Beaufort Wind Scale

0 — Calmless than 1 mph (0 m/s)
2 — Light breeze4 – 7 mph 2-3 m/s
3 — Gentle breeze8 – 12 mph 3.5-5 m/s
4 — Moderate breeze13 – 18 mph 5.5-8 m/s
5 — Fresh breeze19 – 24 mph 8.5-10.5 m/s

What is the sound of wind blowing called?


Psithurism comes from the Greek word psithuros, which means whispering. That certainly fits with the sound wind often makes when it blows through trees.

What is another word for strong wind?

What is another word for strong wind?


Is the wind whistled a metaphor?

The correct answer is ‘Personification’. Figure of speech: It is a word or a phrase that has some other meaning apart from its literal definitions.

Is wind blowing a personification?

An example of a personification of wind is: The wind leaped through the open window and scattered across the tile floor.

Is breath of wind personification?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is ‘Personification and Alliteration’.

Is breeze slow moving air?

Wind:Moving air is called wind. Breeze: Slow and gentle moving wind is called breeze.

What is the gently moving air called?

4. Gentle air is called breeze.

When the air moves gently it is called?

Gentle and moderate winds are known as a breeze.

What is the synonym of wind?

1 (noun) in the sense of air. Synonyms. air. blast. breeze.

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