How to fix scratches in fiberglass boat?

How do you remove scratches from a fiberglass boat?


Can scratched fiberglass be repaired?

Apply a small amount of polishing compound to a soft cloth if the petroleum jelly fails to remove the scratch. Rub the compound into the scratch in a circular motion. Rub your finger over the scratch to assess your progress. Repeat this process several times, or until the scratch disappears.

How do you fix deep scratches in gelcoat?

As long as the gelcoat around the deep scratch is in good condition, you will be able to use gelcoat putty , requires mixing MEKP catalyst-once mixed properly it can be worked with a putty knife for filling, or you can make one using gelcoat and an aerosil filler/thickener.

How do you fix deep scratches on the bottom of a fiberglass boat?

Fill any deep gouges and spend your time sanding out scratches while the filler sets up. Apply gel coat to the filled gouges and finish to the scratches and then final-sand the filled gouges. Buff all the repaired areas and then the rest of the boat. Apply any graphics to finish up.

How do you fix deep scratches in fiberglass?


What causes spider cracks in fiberglass?

Spider cracks are non-structural damage to the gel-coat of a boat. This damage is often caused by slight flexing of the hull. These hairline fractures also occur in boats of the mid 1970’s vintage which often had thicker gel-coat layers than newer boats.

How do you touch up a boat hull?


How do I get black marks off my fiberglass boat?

Using a large brush or spray tool, coat the affected area with Blackbat 2 in 1. This product does not need diluting and can be used straight from the container. Coat all of the black marks liberally and wait for five minutes for the solution to do the hard work for you.

How do you remove scuff marks from a boat rub rail?

Good Old-Fashioned Soapy Water We recommend using a rag or hand towel that is dipped in the soapy water and then used to gently scrub clean select areas or the entire rub rail along the boat. Soapy water can be used on all types of rub rail, including vinyl, stainless steel and aluminum.

How do you fix gelcoat cracks on a boat?


How do you restore gelcoat on a boat?

5 Steps to Restoring Oxidized Gelcoat

  1. Wash and Remove Surface Dirt and Debris. The first step to removing oxidation and giving your boat a new look entails washing and eliminating every form of surface dirt. …
  2. Removing Stains. …
  3. Wet/Dry Sanding. …
  4. Polishing Compounds. …
  5. Waxing and Sealing with Protectant.

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