How to pick the right wakeboard?

How do you know what size wakeboard to get?

It’s important to choose the right board length, based on your weight, as it can be frustrating when a wakeboard is not long enough to float you sufficiently. … Wakeboard size chart.

Rider Weight (lbs)Rider Weight (kg)Wakeboard Length (cm)
< 100< 45< 130
90 – 15040 – 65130 – 134
130 – 18059 – 82135 – 139
170 – 25077 – 113140 – 144

Can a wakeboard be too big?

Size matters when you are choosing a wakeboard, and yes, you can have a wakeboard that is too big or too small for your skill level. There is a size for every wakeboarding style and skill level. The size of your wakeboard will determine the stability you enjoy on the sea, the control you have, and your balance.

What should a beginner look for in a wakeboard?

Is it easier to get up on a bigger wakeboard?

A longer board means an increased surface area, so it will be easier to float, find your balance, and stand up.

How long do wakeboards last?

Because of the loss of pop, most riders replace their boards every two seasons.

What is a good speed for wakeboarding?

Twelve miles per hour is the minimum recommendation and is typically for smaller riders. Going somewhere between 12 and 15 miles per hour is ideal for beginners learning how to ride as it is steady speed that helps them gain confidence on the board.

Do wakeboards have weight limits?

Weight is the most important factor when determining wakeboard size (see chart bel0w). Height is not a factor. … Wakeboard Sizing Chart.

Rider Weight (lb)Rider Weight (kg)Wakeboard Length
Up to 150lbsUp to 68kgs131 – 136cm
Up to 170lbsUp to 77kgs134 – 140cm
Up to 190lbsUp to 86kgs135 – 142cm

What size wakeboard do I need kg?

Wakeboard Size Chart kg

Rider Weight (kgs)Wakeboard Length (cm)
90-123.75+kg> 144

What size cable wakeboard should I get?

Cable park wakeboard size The most popular lengths for cable park wakeboard are 141cm, 145cm, and 149cm depending on the wakeboarder’s size and height. Bigger boards e.g. in the 148cm to 155cm range will soften the impact from landings when jumping off kickers.

Is it hard to learn wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding will certainly give you your fix and is relatively quick to learn. Unlike most other watersports, wakeboarding has a satisfyingly steep learning curve and depending on your confidence and previous board experience, you can be popping ollies and carving up a watery storm even on your first go.

Do I need wakeboard boots?

Don’t forget to get yourself a pair of wakeboarding boots, properly known as bindings. You can’t just wear any old pair of boots, they have to be locked into place during your ride on your wakeboard. Try and look for a stiffer, less flexible pair of boots to help you balance easier and steer the board better.

How do you wakeboard for the first time?

How do you stay awake while wakeboarding?

You want to roll your heels down under your bottom, while keeping your knees at your chest. Keep your feet, knees, and shoulders facing the boat. Look straight ahead and not at your feet. You’ll stay in this crouched position until the board rises completely out of the water.

Why can’t I get up on a wakeboard?

To get up on the wakeboard, you’ll need keep more than 60% of your weight forward. Once you have gotten up on the board, you can distribute your weight evenly to both feet. Hold the handle near your hip. To gain more control, keep the rope low and position it near your front hip.

Is it easier to wakeboard or ski?

For most people, getting up on a wakeboard is easier to learn than on a slalom ski, due to the wakeboard’s larger contact area with the surface of the water. Also, a deep water start on a wakeboard gives the rider more time to pop out of the water than on a slalom ski (faster start).

Is wakeboarding harder than surfing?

Once you’re up on the boat wave, learning to surf is relativey easy, for most people a lot easier than learning to cross wake on a wakeboard. …

ConditionsWorks with most conditionsBetter with relatively glassy water
LaunchHarder – waterstart or prone towingEasier – waterstart

Can you wakeboard with a low rope?

When wakeboarding without a tower, you want to try different rope lengths to help position yourself at the best place on the wake. A shorter rope (15 to 22″ shorter than regular) will place you in closer to the boat where the wakes are narrower/closer apart, and with more ramp to them.

Is wake surfing easier than surfing?

Everyone agrees surfing is a lot more challenging to learn. Wakesurfing does not require some of the hardest skills of surfing, such as paddling, popping up in the wave, fighting current, and duck diving under waves.

Is it harder to wakeboard without a tower?

No, you don’t need a wakeboard tower to wakeboard—but it’s much more fun with one! It’s very simple. Towers allow you to achieve more hang time when you are doing tricks while you are wakeboarding. You can jump higher on your wakeboard and enjoy more time in the air for awesome tricks when you have a wakeboard tower.

Is wakeboarding harder than water skiing?

If you enjoy waterskiing then you should most definitely try wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is much harder and more complicated than waterskiing, but incredibly fulfilling once you get the hang of it! Plus, after you know how to waterski, then wakeboarding will be easier to learn.

How long should your rope be for wakeboarding?

Most wakeboard tow ropes are going to range between 55 and over 75 feet long. The length you need is going to depend on the boat you are using to pull the rider, the boat wake, and your rider’s personal preference. If you’re a beginner wakeboarder, you should look at ropes that are closer to the 65-foot length.

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