How to read navionics depth charts?

How do you read Navionics depth?


What do numbers on depth chart mean?

Depths. Numbers printed on the water areas of the chart indicate the depth of the water at that spot. However, a 2 on the chart might mean two feet, two fathoms, or two meters. It is essential to know which unit of measurement is used.

How do you read depth on navigation charts?


Does Navionics show depth?

FYI, if you use the Navionics app in your phone the depths are dynamic for tides. If you pick the nearest tide station, i.e. Halfmoon Bay in the case of Smugglers Cove, pan back to SC, when you pick the date and time the depths will change to show the estimated forecasted depth.

How is water depth shown on a map?

On a chart, water depths may be connected with a line known as a depth contour, similar to the topographic lines or surface features that you see on a map. Depth contours present a picture of the bottom to the mariner.

What are the Navionics chart symbols?

Objects added by boaters are marked with a “+”, while Navionics cartographic objects modified or deleted by users are labeled with "…" and "x" symbols, respectively. Make sure you have created an account or you have logged into the app (check it out in Menu > Me).

How do you read a fishing chart?


How do you determine position on a chart?


What does M mean on a nautical chart?

M Tracks, Routes. N Areas, Limits. O Hydrographic Terms. AIDS AND SERVICES.

What are the squiggly lines on a nautical chart?

Islets (small islands) Islets surrounded by a wavy, squiggly line cover and uncover with the tide. At higher tides, the islet will be covered. A number indicates its height above water when uncovered at lower tidal stages.

What is the datum used for depths of your chart?

The chart datum is the level of water that charted depths displayed on nautical charts are measured from. The chart datum is generally a tidal datum; that is, a datum derived from some phase of the tide. Common chart datums are lowest astronomical tide and mean lower low water.

What is a fish haven on chart?

Fish havens are artificial shelters made up of rocks, rubble, subway cars, ships, airplanes, specially designed concrete structures, and other objects placed on the sea floor to attract fish and enhance their habitat.

How do I change the depth on my Navionics?


What should I look for in Navionics?


What is water level correction Navionics?

The Water Level function allows you to adjust shoreline and depths to the current lake level and is available with your one-year subscription for Advanced Features in your mobile app. Adjusting the setting to a positive direction will raise the water level, for times of a flood pool.

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