How to register a boat without title in arkansas?


Can you register a boat without a title in Arkansas?

Boats propelled by sail or motor (including trolling motors) of any type must be registered when operated on public waters. You must have an Arkansas Certificate of Number (registration) and validation decals to operate a motorboat on Arkansas’ public waters.

Can I register a boat with a bill of sale in Arkansas?

Arkansas boat registration Boat registrations must be applied for within 30 days of purchasing a new vessel. Applicants must provide the hull identification number, proof of ownership such as a current registration or bill of sale, the year, make, model, and horsepower of the boat, and the amount of sale.

Does Arkansas issue boat motor titles?

— The Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) is now issuing boat titles. Arkansas has never issued boat titles in the past, but on Jan. 1 the (DFA) started issuing titles for all boats manufactured in or after 2020. This change is due to legislation from the Arkansas General Assembly (Act 733 of 2019).

How do I get a HIN number for my boat in Arkansas?

Home-Built Vessels Owners of homemade vessels who do not have an HIN may request an inspection by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Enforcement Division by calling 501-223-6379. Upon favorable inspection, your vessel will receive an official State-Assigned HIN. The number must be affixed to the transom of the boat.

What is required on a boat in Arkansas?

ARKANSAS’ LIFE JACKET REQUIREMENTS All vessels must have at least one USCG–approved wearable PFD for each person on board. In addition to the requirement for PFDs, one USCG–approved throwable PFD must be on board vessels 16 feet or longer. All PFDs must be in good and serviceable condition and readily accessible.

Does a boat trailer have a title in Arkansas?

Do You Need to Title Your Trailer? No. Although you’ll need to register your trailer, Arkansas only requires titles for motorized vehicles.

Do you need a bill of sale for a boat in Arkansas?

A boat bill of sale is required when registering a boat in the state of Arkansas, so it’s important that the parties to the sale complete this document. The boat must be described in the form, including the HIN, year, make, and model, as well as the purchase price.

How do I register my boat registration number in Arkansas?

Number must be painted, applied as a decal, or otherwise affixed to the forward half of each side of the motorboat and placed to be clearly visible. Number must read from left to right on both sides of the motorboat. Number must be in at least three-inch-high, bold, BLOCK letters.

Do you have to have insurance on a boat in Arkansas?

Is coverage required by law? Yes, Arkansas law requires motorboats with motors rated in excess of 50 hp and all personal watercraft to have a minimum of $50,000 of liability coverage per occurrence.

Do you have to have a fire extinguisher on a boat in Arkansas?

Federal law requires all vessels, including PWC, to have a Type B fire extinguisher on board if one or more of the following conditions exist: Any inboard engine. Closed compartments where portable fuel tanks may be stored. Double bottoms not sealed to the hull or which are not filled completely with flotation material.

Can you drink on a boat in Arkansas?

Arkansas law prohibits anyone from boating while intoxicated (BWI). This includes the operation of any motorboat or other vessel, or manipulation of water skis or other device, while under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or both.

Can I get a trailer title with a bill of sale Arkansas?

An Arkansas trailer bill of sale plays an important role in transferring ownership of a used trailer in the state. This way, both the seller and the buyer obtain essential guarantees. To register your trailer, you will need to prove that you are its new owner.

Can I register a trailer online in Arkansas?

Governor Hutchinson today announced that Arkansans can now register vehicles with the state online at mydmv.arkansas.gov.

Can I get a title with a bill of sale in Arkansas?

An Arkansas bill of sale is not sufficient for ownership transfers—it’s only a receipt. You’ll need to complete a title transfer to make the ownership swap official. You can get a title transfer form at your local revenue office or transfer the title online.

Is a handwritten bill of sale legal in Arkansas?

The state of Arkansas provides a document for vehicles, but you can also draft your own bill of sale for a car. Bills of sale do not require notarization. All bills of sale in Arkansas, however, must contain the following information: The names, contact information, and signatures and the buyer and seller.

Do you have to have a bill of sale to transfer a title in Arkansas?

A Bill of Sale is required if the control number on the title is less than 3003001 or the vehicle is from out of state. When you are completing an Arkansas title and title transfer form, make sure you provide the following documentation: Proof of identification.

How do you put letters on a boat?

How do you install boat letters?

How do you put MC numbers on a boat?

Letters must be separated from the numbers by a space or hyphen: MC 3717 ZW or MC-3717-ZW. No other numbers may be displayed on either side of the bow. Decals must be affixed on each side of the vessel and placed three inches after the last character of the registration number.

Can you have an open container on a boat in Arkansas?

We can also verify that having an open container in a boat is perfectly legal as long as the boat driver is not legally drunk. Also, Operation Dry Water begins Friday through Sunday. Expect a heavy presence of law enforcement on the water, looking for drunk boat drivers.

How old do you have to be to not have a boating license in Arkansas?

12 years old

Boating Age Requirements by State

Alabama The operator must be at least 12 years old*.
Arizona No one under the age of 12 years may operate a motorized vessel unless is an emergency*.
Arkansas The operator should be at least 12 years old*.
California The operator should be at least 16 years old*.

How old do you have to be to not wear a lifejacket in Arkansas?


Children 12 and under must wear a life jacket, which must be securely fastened while on board any vessel.

Do you have to wear a lifejacket in Arkansas?

Make sure everyone is assigned a proper-fitting life jacket. Arkansas law requires children 12 and under to wear a life jacket at all times boating or swimming.

What lights are required on a boat in Arkansas?

to both sides and is required on all power-driven vessels. A masthead light must be displayed by all vessels when under engine power. The absence of this light indicates a sailboat under sail. combine a masthead light and sternlight into a single white light that can be seen by other vessels from any direction.

What happens if you get a BWI?

If you get charged with boating while intoxicated (BWI), you could face expensive fines, a driver and/or boating license suspension and possible jail time. If your intoxication causes serious bodily injury or death, you may face felony charges.

Can you use a Missouri boating license in Arkansas?

Good news! If you’ve successfully completed an official boating safety course such as boat-ed or ilearntoboat, your boater education card is welcome in every state that requires mandatory boater education.

Do you have to register a kayak in Arkansas?

Do you have to register a kayak in Arkansas? The quick answer is no. Vessels that aren’t propelled by an engine or by sail don’t need registration in Arkansas. The only exceptions are vessels that are not propelled by an engine or by sail.

How do I get a temporary tag in Arkansas?

Anyone who buys a vehicle from a licensed dealer must get a temporary, preprinted buyer’s tag. The tag may be issued either by the dealer or the Office of Motor Vehicle. The tag must be obtained within 10 days of purchase.

Do you need a bill of sale for a trailer in Arkansas?

The law provides for a sales and use tax credit for new and used motor vehicles, trailers, or semi trailers purchased on or after July 28, 2021, if within 60 days either before or after the date of purchase, the consumer sells a used motor vehicle, trailer or semi trailer.

How do I file for a lost title in Arkansas?

Apply for Replacement Title

  1. Arkansas residents can apply at any state revenue office. Please allow a minimum of three weeks processing time to receive your title. Charles D. …
  2. Out of state applicants can download a title application form from this web site. You may also call 1-501-682-7076 to request a form.

How much is a permanent trailer tag in Arkansas?

A new tag must be purchased at the regular sixty-five dollar ($65.00) fee if the owner looses the plate; or if the owner disposes of the trailer to which it is registered, such owner cannot transfer the plate to a newly acquired trailer, but must purchase a new plate at the sixty-five dollar ($65.00) fee.

Can you get tags online in Arkansas?

If you are renewing previously issued car tags and you do not need to change any information other than your address, you can renew by phone, internet or mail.

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