How to remove a bearing buddy?

How do you remove a buddy bearing?

To remove Bearing Buddy®, lay a block of wood against the side of it and strike the wood with a hammer. Place the wood on the opposite side and hit again. Continue this procedure until you ”walk” the Bearing Buddy® out of the hub. Don’t disassemble the Bearing Buddy® to attempt to remove it.

Can you over grease a Bearing Buddy?

Expert Reply: It is possible to over-fill a hub that has a Bearing Buddy bearing protector such as # BB1781. The convenience of easy filling through the zerk fitting can often mean we can be tempted to keep adding more grease. ("If a little is good, then more is better").

Why do Bearing Buddies fall off?

Expert Reply: If the Bearing Buddies are not the correct size or are not driven in straight then they can fall off due to the centrifugal force when the wheels spin.

How are Bearing Buddies installed?


How do you take a Bearing Buddy off of a hub?


Do you need to repack bearings with Bearing Buddies?

Expert Reply: When you use the Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors like # BB2441, so you do not need to take apart the wheel hub and repack the bearings. The Bearing Buddy Protectors have a spring loaded seal that keeps the moisture and debris out of the bearings.

How often should I add grease to Bearing Buddy?

They said the best thing to do is have the bearings packed once a year. Once packed and with a good seal, there is no need to add more grease.

How do I know if my Bearing Buddy has enough grease?

This is normal. After driving several miles, check the piston (or blue ring) to see if it has moved inward. If it has, add a little more grease to get the piston to move outward or the blue ring to move about 1/8" past the front of the Bearing Buddy®.

How long do Bearing Buddies last?

Expert Reply: The Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors # BB2441 provide premium protection for your wheel bearings. It is still recommended that you inspect the bearings, races, and seals every 12 months or 12,000 miles to ensure reliable performance on your trailer.

What are buddy bearings?

The Bearing Buddies are designed to protect your bearings by keeping water and dirt out of the hubs and bearings and ensuring there is enough grease inside the hub. If you are not experiencing any problems or visually see any grease leaking out of the hub, then you shouldn’t have to repack your bearings regularly.

How do you adjust wheel bearings on a boat trailer?


Are Bearing Buddies a good idea?

Bearing Buddies are a great way to keep grease in a trailer hub. I recommend them as long as you are aware that it’s very easy to put too much grease in a hub with these which will blow out the seal. They have no problem being used on longer road trips so the would work well for you.

How do you fill Bearing Buddy grease?


Are Bearing Buddies different sizes?

The card can be used to select a Bearing Buddy® model based on the size of your dust cap. *The 1980 and 1980A both fit a hub bore of 1.980 inches, however the 1980A has a blue ring which acts as a visual lubricant level indicator inside the hub.

Do bearing buddies work on travel trailers?

Thanks. Expert Reply: Yes! You can use Bearing Buddies on anything as long as you use the right size and as long as the axles are not EZ Lube axles with the grease fittings on the ends of the spindles.

How do you take a hub cap off a trailer?


How do you remove wheel caps from a trailer?

The best way to get them out is to pry them with a flat head screw driver or tap them from side to side with a hammer. To install new ones, you simply gently hammer them in. Normally I use a short piece of 2×4, to help tap the grease cap or bearing protector into the end of the hub.

What happens if you don’t repack trailer bearings?

If your bearings are not kept well-greased the increased friction will eventually cause your wheel to seize. If this happens while you are hauling, it will not only leave you stranded roadside, but it will also cost you a lot of money in trailer repairs.

How often should trailer wheel bearings be repacked?

RV wheel bearings should be repacked with grease once a year or every 10,000 to 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. If you travel frequently, this is a useful metric to go by, even if it means having your RV wheel bearings repacked a couple of times each year.

Why is my Bearing Buddy leaking grease?

Typically Bearing Buddies are used on boat trailers to keep water out of the hubs. Since boat trailers are not often used in extreme cold weather this may be why we have not heard of thermal issues like this. The most likely cause for the seepage of grease out of your Bearing Buddies is overfilling.

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