How to remove throttle control on boat?

How do you remove throttle controls from a boat?


How do boat throttle controls work?

Slowly push the lever forward to engage the forward gear. The further you push the lever, the faster you will go. To slow the boat, pull the lever back. To stop the boat, pull the lever back to the middle position.

How do you adjust a boat throttle?

Adjust the throttle itself. Start the engine and, with the engine running, twist the throttle grip. Twist it counterclockwise from the "Idle" position to increase speed and clockwise to decrease speed.

How do you fix a throttle sticky boat?


How do you remove an outboard motor control?


How do you disassemble a throttle body?


How do you adjust the throttle on a Mercruiser?

Grab the end of the lower cable where you just removed it from the stud and pull. While pulling, turn the propeller clockwise. The throttle now is in full reverse position. Move the lower cable up and down until it fits in the slot between the studs.

How do I adjust my boat shifters?


What is throttle drop?

What’s Throttle drop? When you have to push the throttle past where you actually want it to go, so it can drop back down to where you want it.

How do you fix a stiff throttle body?


How do you lubricate control cables?


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