How to set up a livewell in a boat?

How do you set up a live well on a boat?


How do you set up a live well pump?


Can you use a bilge pump for a livewell?

Install a Pump Box Bilge pumps work here because they use the same motors and impellers as in centrifugal livewell pumps.

Where does my livewell drain?

You can take a look at the livewell pump to see how it’s plumbed, but the livewell will probably drain out back through the pump when it’s out of the water. There could possibly be a valve inline to turn off flow through the drain/fill hose near the pump also, but you’ll see it when you look at the pump.

How does a livewell on a boat work?


How do you plumb live well?


How do you wire a livewell on a boat?


How do you stop a livewell filling?

You can close the valve to stop it. Look inside of the livewell. You will see either a black outlet or a disk shaped outlet. Turn the valve on the black outlet to keep it from filling up while running .

How do you keep water out of Livewells?

REMOTE DRAIN SHUT-OFF CLOSED – ON/OFF-PLANE The "CLOSED" position is used to seal the livewell drain in order to maintain a full livewell. By putting the control cable in the "CLOSED" position prior to launching, it can also be used to prevent the water from entering the livewell until desired.

How big of a livewell do I need?

Dual livewells should have a volume of at least 15 gallons each and a single, divided livewell should hold at least 30 gallons.

Why does my live well fill up with water?

This happens when water pours in faster than it drains. Either your pump is working harder than it should, or your drain is clogged. Your Legend Boats’ livewell comes equipped with a flow adjustment to control how much water pumps in. Turn this down to the desired level if you find your livewell overflowing.

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