How to start a bayliner boat?

How do you start a boat?


How do you start a Mercruiser engine?


How do you drive a Bayliner?


How do you use a Bayliner 175?


How do you start a boat for the first time?


How do you start a boat engine?

How to Start an Outboard Motor

  1. Open the ventilation cap on the fuel tank.
  2. Tilt the motor into the water.
  3. Engage the kill switch on manual ignition motors.
  4. Squeeze the primer bulb.
  5. Put the gear shift lever in the neutral position.
  6. Turn on the choke.
  7. Start the ignition.
  8. Turn off the choke.

How do you start a Mercruiser inboard?


How do you drive a basic boat?


How do you start a 1990 Bayliner Capri?


How much is a 2009 Bayliner 175 worth?


Suggested List PriceAverage Retail
Base Price$13,124$12,100
Options (Add)
Total Price$13,124$12,100

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