How to use bilge pump?

When should I turn on my bilge pump on my boat?

Built-in manual bilge pumps must be turned on when you need to drain the bilge. You can usually find an on/off switch at the helm in motorized boats. If your boat is equipped with one of these, be sure to keep an eye on the water levels inside the boat and turn it on before you take off from the dock.

How often should you run the bilge pump on a boat?

It should check for water every two minutes. Nothing should come out of the bilge unless it has been raining or you have been in rough water.

How does bilge pump operate?

A bilge pump takes bilge water and discharges it overboard. However, in ships where oils and other fluids mix with water in the bilge, this water must go through a filtering process first. From the bilge pump, the bilge water pumps into several bilge tanks, where gravity separates oil and water.

How long should a bilge pump run?

Depends on how full your ballast is, how full your gas tank is, it will get totally under water though and you wont be able to see it, I do know that much as I have seen it happen. Mine prob. pumps out about every 20 to 30 minutes. Shaft is dripping as it should, about 10 drops/minute.

Why does my boat take on so much water?

High waves tend to crash against a boat’s hull and spill some water into the boat. This is when a boat is most likely to take on water even if it is sitting still. The other main cause of taking water is a leak.

Why does my boat bilge pump keep running?

Electronic switches which sense the presence of water without a float are likely to trigger false pumping if the water is dirty. Wet dirt or slime sticking to the sensor allows a signal current to flow, and switch it on, or more likely to keep the pump running after the water has gone.

How do you turn on a bilge pump?

Most pumps have an automatic float switch that detects when water is in the bilge, and automatically turns on the pump. There should also be a switch at the helm to override the automatic float switch, enabling you to turn on the pump manually.

Where does the bilge pump water go?

A bilge pump is a key piece of equipment found on just about any boat, but for many new boaters in particular, they may find themselves asking the basic question: "What is a bilge pump?" The function of the bilge pump is to remove water that collects in the bilge, which is the bottom of the inside of the hull.

How high will a bilge pump pump water?

According to Rule’s technical documents, the pump will put out 1,620gph against a 1m (3ft 4in) head or 1,300gph against 2m (6ft 8in). In other words, you lose around 20 percent of your pump’s output when it has to lift the bilge water more than 3ft and 30 percent at 6ft 8in.

What does the bilge button do on a boat?


Does bilge pump work with battery off?

No if you turn off the battery, then hit the bilge it will not work. It’s an auto bilge default off position), so the best is to turn off the battery switch, then drop a bucket of water down the hatch and watch it work first hand.

What is the fastest way to remove water from a bilge?

To quickly remove water from the bilge of your boat, purchase a bilge pump—if you don’t have one already—and run it. These pumps are available in electric, mechanical, and hand-operated styles. If you do have a bilge pump, ensure it’s in good working order.

What is bilge dumping?

Bilge dumping occurs when cargo vessels and tankers illegally dump oily “bilge water” into the ocean. Most modern cargo and container vessels use heavy oil for fuel, which produces a thick, oily sludge that drains into the bottom of the vessel and needs to be emptied regularly.

Are bilge pumps fully submersible?

Can a Bilge Pump be Completely Submerged? A bilge pump can be completely submerged as long as you bought and installed a submersible bilge pump. There are a few other options for getting bilge water out but they go by different names and cannot be completely submerged. A submersible bilge pump is the simplest option.

How many bilge pumps do I need?

Table 1. Recommendations For Minimal Bilge Pump Sizing By Boat Length

Boat LengthPump Output – Gallons Per Hour
To 18′300 to 500
18′-22′450 to 700
22′-26′600 to 1,200
26′-30′800 to 1,000

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