How to wet sand a fiberglass boat?

Can fiberglass be wet sanded?

If you ever need to sand directly into the fiberglass itself, make sure to use wet sandpaper. Otherwise, the loose fiberglass particles will create gouges in the finish as you sand.

Can you wet sand gelcoat on a boat?

You can use a window squeegee to quick dry the surface after a rinse to get a low-glare look at the gelcoat. Do not use circular movements. Wet-sand until the hull has an even dullness, a matte finish; then rinse with fresh water. Compounds: Apply the compound generously to the buffing pad, keep it wet, and go slowly.

What grit do you use to wet sand a boat?

In carrying out the wet sanding process on the boat, the sandpaper of about 1000 -1500 grit is used to bring out the unique shining part of the boat.

What to use after wet sanding a boat?


Will wet sanding remove oxidation?


What is the best way to sand a boat?


How do I get my fiberglass boat to shine again?

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Use. Powder Cleaner. If you haven’t already, use Fiberglass. Powder Cleaner to clean and prepare the surface of your boat for waxing.
  2. Wax your. boat. Using a damp cloth, you can apply LifeWax with a circular motion, being careful to apply an even layer of wax.

How do you bring gelcoat back to life?

To help to restore the color, shine and appearance of your boat, choose a gelcoat restorer. Gelcoat restorers are suitable for fiberglass (GRP) gelcoats and can help to give long lasting effects, wetting the pigment to restore a strong and vibrant color and shine.

How do you remove oxidation from fiberglass boat?

The use of marine grade formulas such as Crush Liquid Compound or Riptide Liquid Compound will quickly and effectively remove oxidation from the surface exposing fresh gel coat and fiberglass.

How do you smooth out gelcoat?


How long does gelcoat take to cure?

Most re-sprayed gel coat will cure in 2-4 hours, although overnight cures are ideal. Begin wet sanding with the finest grit that will remove orange peel in the re-sprayed area.

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