How to winterize pontoon?

Is there a drain plug on a pontoon?

Not all pontoon boats have drain plugs. Some do, some don’t, and it seems to be down the manufacturer’s discretion about whether or not to include them in the design of the pontoon tubes. Older boats did tend to have drain plugs, with newer pontoons having an improved design where they have been deemed unnecessary.

How do you drain a pontoon tube?


Do you trim the motor in a pontoon?


How do you install a pontoon drain plug?


What are pontoons filled with?

They’re typically made out of aluminum and are filled with air. They keep the boat afloat and take the brunt of the waves.

Will pontoon sink?

“Pontoon boats can’t sink.” Shepler later confirmed this fact in our discussion. “It’s very hard to sink a pontoon boat. Unless you pierce one of the pontoons – and even then it’s only going to list,” said Shepler, who suggested letting the roller come in from the side next time.

What does a whale tail do on a pontoon boat?

Whale tail is a performance enhancer for any Outboard or I/o motor. Faster planning times, smoother ride, better fuel mileage, and increased safety are key features. Easy installation and made of marine-grade anodized aluminum.

How do I increase the speed of my pontoon boat?

Here are a few things I’ve found to be helpful to speed up my pontoon boat.

  1. #1. Use a Booster Ball for Pulling Skiers or Tubes. …
  2. #2. Trim Up the Engine. …
  3. #3. Ski or Tube in Groups. …
  4. #4. Get Lifting Strakes. …
  5. #5. Don’t Fill the Gas Tank (At Least Not All the Way!) …
  6. #6. Add a Third Pontoon (Tritoon) …
  7. #9. Add Underskinning. …
  8. #10.

Should you run antifreeze through outboard?

You do not need to run antifreeze through an outboard, period. They’re designed to drain completely in the tilted-down position, and do not need an ounce of antifreeze.

Where is the plug on a pontoon boat?

Every Avalon pontoon boat has drain plugs equipped in the bottom of each pontoon. The plugs usually sit below water level which means lifting the boat and draining the water. It is very important that you also address the source of the leak.

How do you put a drain plug in an aluminum boat?


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