What does cutty mean?

What does slang Word Cutty mean?

irritable; impatient; short-tempered

irritable; impatient; short-tempered. noun, plural cut·ties.

What does Cutty girl mean?

an immoral or worthless woman. [1650–60; cut + -y1, -y2]

What does getting some Cutty mean?

having sex with a woman.

What does cuddie mean in texting?

cuddie n. used vocatively, friend or pal; homie, cuz. Editorial Note: This term appears to originate in Vallejo, California, and is closely associated with the performers Mac Mall and Mac Dre.

Is cuddie a word?

A fool; a dolt. [Perhaps from Cuddy, nickname for Cuthbert, personal name.]

What does Cutty mean Bay Area?

Cutty. If something or someone is cutty, they’re a bit sketchy. For example, "You should have known that cutty hoverboard you bought on the internet was going to catch fire." The term is thought to have originated in Vallejo as short-hand for “cutthroat.”

What does Cuddy mean in Scottish word?

a donkey

a donkey; a horse. The Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL) defines this as a donkey or ass but to some Scots speakers it’s a general term for a horse of any description.

What does cuddie mean in Scottish?

a donkey or horse

or cuddie (ˈkʌdɪ ) nounWord forms: plural -dies. dialect, mainly Scottish. a donkey or horse.

What does Rammy mean in Scots?

A general fight

RAMMY, n. Also rammie. A general fight, a “free for all”, a scuffle, a violent disturbance or commotion (Gsw.

What does having cooties mean?

noun plural coot·ies. Informal. a louse, especially one affecting humans, as the body louse, head louse, or pubic louse. a child’s term for an imaginary germ or disease that one can catch by touching a person who is disliked or socially avoided: The girls at camp thought the boys had cooties.

What does Cuddy mean in Irish?

Last name: Cuddy Deriving from the ancient Gaelic pre 10th century ‘Mac giolla Chuda’, which translates as ‘the son of the follower of St Mochda’, these spellings include MacGillacuddy, MacGillicuddy, McGillicuddy, McGillycuddy, MacCuddy, Gillicuddy, Gillycuddy, Cody, Cuddy, and even Archdeacon!

Does House end up with Cuddy?

Cuddy left ‘House’ for good after the Season 7 finale. Through the show, Cuddy was engaged to someone else, and House battled with his pain medication addiction. She wouldn’t go all in with him unless he got clean, which he eventually did to be with her.

What is a Scottish Stramash?

Definition of stramash 1 chiefly Scotland : disturbance, racket. 2 chiefly Scotland : crash, smashup.

What does een mean in Scottish?

een (plural eens) (poetic or dialectal, Scotland) evening.

Where does the word Rammy come from?

rammy (adj.) 1600, from ram (n.) + -y (2). Related: Ramminess. Compare Middle English rammish (late 14c.), of smells, "rank, offensive."

Are cooties real yes or no?

Cooties is a fictitious childhood disease, commonly represented as childlore. It is used in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines as a rejection term and an infection tag game (such as Humans vs. Zombies).

Are cooties an American thing?

People in the southern United States, beginning with black Americans in the early 1800s, use cooter to refer to a few species of box turtles and tortoises. The word may have come from kuta, meaning turtle to the Bambara and Malinke people of West Africa.

Did Cameron sleep with House?

Nice Guy, Cameron evades Chase’s question whether she has ever slept with House, stating it’s "none of his business".

Will There Be House season 9?

Despite the shows acclaimed ending, a season 9 was still imagined by the writing team. Taking place after House’s time with Wilson, we would find our cynical medical expert working in a small-town pharmacy.

How do Scottish say good morning?

Madainn mhath

Good morning. Madainn mhath. Heidh, a Mhàiri!

What does Dinna fash mean?

don’t be troubled/bothered

Dinna fash don’t be troubled/bothered. Fash is from Old French fascher ‘to annoy, weary’. The term was also commonly extended to mean ‘afflicted’, and Robert Burns uses the term with such a meaning in Holy Willie’s Prayer: ‘At times I’m fash’d wi’ fleshly lust.

What does kebbie lebbie mean?

an altercation carried

Kebbie-lebbie is an altercation carried on by various people speaking at the same time. Wee clype is a little tattle tale.

What does Stooshie mean in Scottish?

a commotion, rumpus

noun Scottish. 1. a commotion, rumpus, or row. 2. a state of excitement or anxiety; a tizzy.

How do you play Stramash?

To play, the first player takes a card from the pack. He must then play one of the cards in his hand by discarding it face up in the centre of the Mashies. He then moves his chosen Laddie, according to its value, around the board in a clockwise direction.

What is a but and ben in Scotland?

Definition of but and ben (Entry 1 of 2) Scottish. 1 : back and forth : in and out specifically : from one part of a house to the other. 2 : on opposite sides or at opposite ends of (a house, a corridor) we lived but and ben with them. but-and-ben.

What does Bob mean in Scotland?


Definition of bob (Entry 4 of 7) 1a(1) : bunch, cluster. (2) Scotland : nosegay. b : a knob, knot, twist, or curl especially of ribbons, yarn, or hair.

What does Ben mean in Scottish?

(bɛn ) Scottish. noun. 1. an inner room in a house or cottage.

Is Rammy a Scrabble word?

RAMMY is a valid scrabble word.

How do you spell Rammy?

Rammy Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com.

What does lecherous man mean?

To be lecherous is to be full of strong sexual desire and to act on it, usually in an unpleasant way. People who are lecherous are kind of obsessed with sex — they can’t stop thinking about it or having it. This is a word that is used more often to describe men than women: lecherous men are called lechers.

What does cooties mean in love?

phrase. used for saying that you do not want to get close to someone.

Are cooties lice?

“Cootie” is simply a slang term for lice, three types of which call the human anatomy home: head lice, which live exclusively on the scalp; body lice, which live on clothing and migrate onto the skin to feed; and pubic lice, which should be pretty self-explanatory.

Can cooties be cured?

Thankfully, unlike meningitis, cooties is 100% curable and preventable with the cooties shot.

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