What is a chartplotter?

What is the difference between a chartplotter and fishfinder?

A fish finder unit uses SONAR technology to scan and give you a picture of the bottom. It does not provide navigation assistance, whereas a chartplotter uses GPS to help you navigate waterways safely. Each unit can be purchased separately or, more commonly, together as a combined unit.

What does a Garmin chartplotter do?

And most Garmin ECHOMAP™ and GPSMAP® chartplotters are available with built-in sonar capabilities. These include advanced CHIRP traditional sonar and Garmin ClearVü™ and SideVü™ scanning sonar, which provides the clearest scanning sonar images on the water.

How do you use a GPS chartplotter?


Do I need a chartplotter?

No you don’t need a dedicated plotter. We’ve managed perfectly well for years using a GPS and paper charts. (I can manage without the GPS but it’s hard work and a pain in the backside. )

Does a chartplotter require a transducer?

A "transducer" is a data sensing device, and no, you do not specifically need a transducer for a chartplotter. Some plotters may come with one or more transducers in a kit, since it’s good to have additional data for navigation. But the only thing you really need is a source of GPS position data.

How do I choose a chartplotter?

Pick a chartplotter that fits within your boat’s confines, but remember bigger is usually better. Larger screens (at least 5”-6”) will be easier on aging eyes as well as visible from further away. They also make sense should you want to “split” the screen or zoom in on a particular spot.

Do Lowrance fish finders come with maps?

With Lowrance, setup is easy with high-powered sonar ready to go right out of the box and a preloaded map providing all the chart detail you need – with nothing more to buy.

Can I use GPS without transducer?

Everything but the sounder (transducer/sonar) will work. Can you buy a gps or depth finder that works without a transducer ? The transducer is the depth finder, so without the transducer it will not work as a depth finder. You may wish to contact Garmin Marine Support for assistance.

Will a car GPS work on a boat?

A common question amongst novice water enthusiasts is whether or not the GPS system they use in their car will work on a boat. The short answer is "sort of, but not really." A GPS unit will work anywhere that it can receive satellite transmissions, but an automotive unit will not be programmed with aquatic maps.

How does a marine chart plotter work?

A chartplotter is a device that integrates GPS satellite navigation with charts of the water and the coastline, allowing you to accurately place yourself on the map and track your speed and direction.

How do I read a chart plotter on Garmin?


Can I use my iPhone as a GPS on my boat?

A GPS marine navigation app turns an iPhone into a valuable and convenient portable navigation system on the water. For boaters, there are many advantages and conveniences to using an iPhone as a portable marine navigation device: Cost savings. A downloadable GPS application for an iPhone can cost about $50 USD.

Can you use a tablet as a chartplotter?

Most plotter manufacturers provide an app that allows your tablet to communicate with your plotter. You can use the tablet for planning and research, and then send waypoints and routes between the two devices. It’s often easier and faster to navigate through charts and look at your routes on your tablet.

Can you use an iPad as a chart plotter?

You can safely use your iPad as a chartplotter. Most of the apps available for the iPad are also available for the iPhone, so you have an excellent selection of tools to choose from if you want to use your iPhone for navigation.

Can iPad be used for boat navigation?

Most navigation apps are now capable of taking an NMEA data feed via WiFi. This is a great way of providing reliable position data, overlaying AIS information and enabling the tablet to be used as an extra instrument screen from anywhere on the boat.

How deep can fish finders go?

For every 100 watts of power at 50 kHz, your fish finder will show depth readings of up to 400 feet.

How do you use a Lowrance chartplotter?


Does a fish finder have GPS?

GPS technology came into sonar devices from the early 2000s and now almost all units have GPS functionality adding chartplotting and mapping capability to the sonar capability of the fish finder. It’s proven a powerful combination.

What is the easiest marine chartplotter to use?

Lowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder & GPS Lowrance is another name that you can trust when it comes to marine electronics. This particular model is a fish finder, chart plotter, and GPS all in one. It’s reasonably priced, has an easy to use interface, and it has a handy 5 inch screen too.

Which is better simrad or Garmin?

Simrad offers Livesight which is awesome, but Garmin’s Livescope is universally accepted as better. Simrad on the other hand, today, has the best solid state radar domes. Garmin’s are still pretty incredible, but Simrad’s current radar lineup is regarded by most to be better.

What do fish look like on a Lowrance fish finder?


What is a good Lowrance fish finder?

  1. Best Overall: Lowrance HDS 12 Live Active Target.
  2. Best Fish Finder and GPS: Lowrance Elite 9 FS.
  3. Best for Kayaks: Lowrance Hook Reveal 9.
  4. Best Budget: Lowrance Hook2 4X.
  5. Best for Casting: Lowrance FishHunter Pro.

What company owns Lowrance?

Lowrance Electronics/Parent organizations

Can you use Garmin echoMAP without transducer?

Yes the Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 74sv without Transducer will work for navigation without the transducer.

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