What is a skif?

What is a SKIF military?

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (pronounced “skiff”), a U.S. Department of Defense term for a secure room. It can be a secure room or data center that guards against electronic surveillance and suppresses data leakage of sensitive security and military information.

What is a Sciff in security?

A SCIF, or Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, is a secure place where sensitive information can be viewed and discussed to prevent outside surveillance or spying. SCIFs can be either permanent or temporary when lawmakers or military officials need to be briefed while traveling.

What is SCIF stand for?

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)

What is the difference between a Sapf and SCIF?

SAPF typically refers to facilities for the Department of Defense, so facilities for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, or U.S. Marine Corps. SCIFs are typically for programs run by the Intelligence Community, but both SCIFs and SAPFs are built to the same specifications.

Who can enter a SCIF?

Access to SCIFs is normally limited to those individuals with appropriate security clearances. Non-cleared personnel in SCIFs must be under the constant oversight of cleared personnel and all classified information and material removed from view to prevent unauthorized access.

Who has access to a SCIF?

Access to SCI is only granted to individuals who have a need-to-know, have been granted a Top Secret clearance by Personnel Security (PerSec), and are approved by the Department of Commerce’s Intelligence Community granting agency, and only upon completion of a separate Nondisclosure Agreement, the IC Form 4414.

Can you have windows in a SCIF?

In most cases, SCIFs do not have windows, but if windows are approved by the accrediting official, visual line of sight mitigation measures must be taken into account.

Can a SCIF be secret?

In short, SCIFs keep Top Secrets secret. According to the U.S. Department of Defense, a SCIF is any secure place, permanent or temporary, in which classified material “may be stored, used, discussed and/or electronically processed.”

How do you make a SCIF room?

Follow these six steps to make sure your SCIF is designed and built correctly the first time.

  1. Step 1: Get a Government Sponsor. …
  2. Step 2: Develop Pre-construction Documentation. …
  3. Step 3: Develop the Facility Design. …
  4. Step 4: Get Jurisdiction Approval. …
  5. Step 5: Construct the SCIF. …
  6. Step 6: Get Government Accreditation.

What is Genser secret?

To be clear, "collateral" (formerly referred to as General Service or GENSER) simply means one lacks special access (e.g. SCI, SAP, COMSEC, NATO, etc.). Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret are all, by themselves, collateral clearance levels.

What is SCIF certification?

Every SCIF must be certified to have been designed, constructed, and inspected for the protection of all Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) programs or special activities in accordance with the provisions of ICD 705.

What is a DoD Special Access Program?

Special access programs (SAPs) in the U.S. Federal Government are security protocols that provide highly classified information with safeguards and access restrictions that exceed those for regular (collateral) classified information.

What does Yankee White clearance mean?

Yankee White is an administrative nickname for a background check undertaken in the United States of America for Department of Defense personnel and contractor employees working with the president and vice president.

How much is a top secret security clearance worth?

Taking into account the intensity of the process, you may be wondering, “How much is a top secret clearance worth?” As reported in January 2021, the average cost of a top secret security clearance was between $3,000 and $15,000, and these costs tend to be paid by the government for its own employees.

What disqualifies you from a top secret clearance?

Top secret clearance holders must have no significant financial concerns. If the background check reveals a considerable amount of debt, missed payments, tax evasion, collection judgments, check fraud, foreclosures, embezzlement or bankruptcies, your application might be rejected.

What are SCIF requirements?

SCIF Requirements Acoustic materials must prevent conversations from penetrating the walls, or “white noise” speakers may be used to mask conversations. From an electronic perspective, SCIFs must have access controls, intrusion detection systems, and data communications that meet the highest security standards.

Can I plug headphones into a government computer?

They do not connect to a USB port; iii. They do not contain a microphone; NOTE: Government furnished headphones with a microphone can be connected to government information systems for meetings (e.g. Defense Collaboration Services) where two-way communication is required.

What portable electronic devices are permitted in a SCIF?

What portable electronic devices (PEDs) are allowed in a Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)? Government-owned PEDs, if expressly authorized by your agency. What is a way to prevent the download of viruses and other malicious code when checking your e-mail?

What does ICD 705 mean?

IC Tech Spec – for ICD/ICS 705. An Intelligence Community Technical Specification. Prepared by the. National Counterintelligence and Security Center.

What is a closed storage SCIF?

true. When closing a closed storage SCIF you must ensure all classified material has been stored, security containers are closed and locked, locked sign is displayed on security containers, and the SF-701 form is completed. true. SCI is required to be stored in a GSA-approved container in a Closed Storage SCIF.

What is the maximum amount of hours a temporary secure working area can be used?

h. Temporary Secure Working Area is a facility where the handling, discussing, and/or processing of SCI is limited to less than 40 hours per month but where SCI is not stored.

What are the 5 levels of security clearance?


  1. 3.2.1 Controlled Unclassified.
  2. 3.2.2 Public Trust Position.
  3. 3.2.3 Confidential.
  4. 3.2.4 Secret.
  5. 3.2.5 Top Secret.
  6. 3.2.6 Compartmented.

How long does it take to get SCI?

approximately 8-15 months

It will take approximately 8-15 months to complete the top secret (TS) portion, which includes an in-person interview with an investigator.

What is SCIF construction?

Definition of a SCIF A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility is a U.S. government-accredited facility where SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) can be stored, discussed and electronically processed.

How long must SCIF visitor control logs be retained?

How log must visitor logs be maintained? 1 year after the date of the last entry.

Which is the primary database used to verify personnel access to SCIFs outside DoD?

The DIA is the executive agent for measurements and signatures intelligence (MASINT). The DIA is responsible for the accreditation of DoD Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs).

Can you buy a SCIF?

You must have a U.S. government sponsor in order to get a SCIF accredited. Your sponsor is the entity that gave you (or is planning to give you) the classified contract and will issue you a DD-254 form with the requirement for a SCIF.

Is SCI higher than SAP?

Public Trust Positions can either be moderate-risk or high-risk. Information "above Top Secret," a phrase used by the media, means either Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) or Special Access Program (SAP). It is not truly "above" Top Secret, since there is no clearance higher than Top Secret.

What is the purpose of SF 701 and SF 702?

SF 701, “Activity Security Checklist,” shall be used to record such checks. An integral part of the security check system shall be the securing of all vaults, secure rooms, and containers used for storing classified material. …

Traditional Security2013-07-11

What’s the difference between SAP and SCI?

SCI stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information and SAP stands for Special Access Program. Security clearance levels come with different investigations and different challenges. As the name says some information is segregated into compartments and can only be accessed by people who are “read on” to the program.

How long does a SCIF accreditation last?

a. The CSA shall ensure that regular, periodic re-evaluations are conducted to ensure continued security (to include TEMPEST, physical, technical, etc.) of the SCIF based on the sensitivity of programs, threat, facility modifications, and past security performance, or at least every five years.

When Should documents be marked within a SCIF?

~All documents should be appropriately marked, regardless of format, sensitivity, or classification. Unclassified documents do not need to be marked as a SCIF. Only paper documents that are in open storage need to be marked.

How do you get a Special Access Program?

Applicants must have passed a background investigation completed within the last five years. Must be awarded a “favorable clearance adjudication” based on SF 86 “Questionnaire for National Security Positions” submitted within the past 12 months (see below)

How long does it take to get sap clearance?

Now it seems that SAP has evolved into its own control system and sometimes people with current/active SCI access have to go through additional steps to be granted access. SAP approval could take up to 2 years, depending on your background.

What does SAP mean in military?

Sapping is a term used in siege operations to describe the digging of a covered trench (a "sap") to approach a besieged place without danger from the enemy’s fire. The purpose of the sap is usually to advance a besieging army’s position towards an attacked fortification.

What is the highest security clearance you can get?

Top secret clearance

What is the highest security clearance you can get? The federal government provides three levels of clearance: confidential, secret, and top secret. Top secret clearance is the highest security clearance level anyone can get. A candidate’s responsibilities determine the level of clearance granted.

What security clearance does secret Service have?

For jobs that require a security clearance, you’ll need to provide at least 10 years of personal information and possibly more. You’ll need to complete the Standard Form 86 (SF86).

What disqualifies you from a Yankee White clearance?

Must not have any serious criminal convictions, any history of dishonest conduct, or history of illegal drug use (same criteria applies to immediate family members) Immediate family members should be U.S. citizens.

How hard is it to get a secret security clearance?

The National Security Agency denied the most applicants–9.2 percent. The National Reconnaissance Office and the Central Intelligence Agency had the next greatest number of denials, at 7.4 percent and 6.5 percent, respectively.

Do secret clearances expire?

When does security clearance lapse? Confidential level clearance, the lowest security threat, is good for 15 years. Secret clearance lasts 10 years. Top Secret clearance must be reinvestigated (reauthorized) every 5 years.

How long does top secret clearance last?

five years

How often is a security clearance renewed? An individual is normally subject to reinvestigation approximately every five years for a Secret or Top Secret clearance. For what reasons would I be denied a security clearance?

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