What is a u-boat?


Why do they call a U-boat?

U-boat, German U-boot, abbreviation of Unterseeboot, (“undersea boat”), a German submarine. The destruction of enemy shipping by German U-boats was a spectacular feature of both World Wars I and II.

What does the U-boat mean?

German submarine

Definition of U-boat : a German submarine.

Are U-boats still used today?

Despite their prevalence during WWI and WWII, only four U-boats exist today. Preserved as museum vessels, these “undersea boats” are the last reminders of the Battle of the Atlantic, and the thousands of men who died in these “Iron Coffins.”

Did any U-boats survived the war?

Two U-boats that survived Operation Deadlight are today museum ships. U-505 was earmarked for scuttling, but American Rear Admiral Daniel V. Gallery argued successfully that she did not fall under Operation Deadlight.

What is the difference between a submarine and a U-boat?

This contrasts with the cylindrical profile of modern nuclear submarines, which are more hydrodynamic underwater (where they spend the majority of their time), but less stable on the surface. While U-boats were faster on the surface than submerged, the opposite is generally true of modern submarines.

Is a U-boat a submarine?

The Germans’ most formidable naval weapon was the U-boat, a submarine far more sophisticated than those built by other nations at the time. The typical U-boat was 214 feet long, carried 35 men and 12 torpedoes, and could travel underwater for two hours at a time.

How many U-boats are still missing?

A U-boat of this type, listed for decades as being sunk off Gibraltar, was found on the sea bottom about 60 miles off the coast of New Jersey in 1991. According to the definitive website Uboat.org, a total of 50 German U-boats remained unaccounted for after the end of World War II.

How were the U-boats defeated in ww2?

The introduction of aircraft carriers, Very Long Range aircraft and roving ‘support groups’ of warships eventually defeated the U-boats at the end of May 1943.

How many U-boats were sunk in the Atlantic?

783 U-boats

The outcome of the battle was a strategic victory for the Allies—the German blockade failed—but at great cost: 3,500 merchant ships and 175 warships were sunk in the Atlantic for the loss of 783 U-boats (the majority of them Type VII submarines) and 47 German surface warships, including 4 battleships (Bismarck, …

Was Hitler’s U-boat ever found?

In 2014, researchers found the remains of U-576 off the coast of North Carolina, and just last year, the notorious German World War I U-boat UB-29 was found off the coast of Belgian.

What ship sank the most U-boats?

The Most Successful U-boats

  U-boat Successes
1. U-48 51 ships sunk (306,874 tons) 3 ships damaged (20,480 tons)
2. U-103 45 ships sunk (237,596 tons) 3 ships damaged (28,158 tons)
3. U-124 46 ships sunk (219,862 tons) 4 ships damaged (30,067 tons)
4. U-123 42 ships sunk (218,813 tons) 6 ships damaged (53,568 tons)

Did U-boats have to surface to fire?

And it must have done so on the surface of the water, where it was able to travel at a faster speed than the ships it pursued. By approaching from astern, where the lookouts rarely checked, the U-boat would be able to slip inside the convoy undetected, fire at close range, then submerge in order to get away.

What is Hitler’s U-boat?

German submarine U-977 was a World War II Type VIIC U-boat of Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine which escaped to Argentina after Germany’s surrender. … German submarine U-977.

Nazi Germany
Displacement 769 tonnes (757 long tons) surfaced 871 t (857 long tons) submerged
Length 67.10 m (220.1 ft) o/a 50.50 m (165.7 ft) pressure hull

How deep could a ww2 U-boat dive?

This depth is about 45 feet for “U” boats, 38 to 39 feet for “U. B.”

Why did Germany have so many U-boats?

Faced with the possibility that the U.S. might go to war over the incident, Germany backed down and ordered its U-boat fleet to spare passenger vessels. The order, however, was temporary. Germany built new and larger U-boats to punch holes in the British blockade, which was threatening to starve Germany out of the war.

How many ships did U-boats sunk in ww2?

By war’s end in mid 1945, German U-Boats had sunk ≈3000 Allied ships, less than 5% of the ships built during the war, only one of them a loaded troop transport. 783 of 1170 U-Boats launched had been sunk, mostly by American, British & Canadian forces.

How many ships were sunk by U-boats?

5,000 ships

For British merchant vessels operating during World War I, few things were so terrifying as the submarine. The German navy used the Unterseeboot, or U-boat, to sink 5,000 ships measuring more than 13 million gross register tons during the war.

How many U-boats were there in ww2?

In the five and a half years of the war, German shipyards built 1,156 U-boats, of which 784 were lost from enemy action or other causes. Their toll of enemy shipping was 2,603 merchant ships of over 13½ million tons, and 175 naval vessels of all types.

How deep can U-boats go?

Since World War I, nautical technology has evolved at a rapid rate, but in 1914 U-boats were considered quite advanced. These vessels could reach maximum depths of 50 meters or 165 feet, achieve speeds of 16 knots at the surface and eight knots underwater, and had a range of up to 25,000 miles.

Can you buy a U-boat?

Can you buy your own personal sub? Yes. Several businesses in the United States and Europe cater to the recreational submariner. Around $600,000 will get you an entry-level, winged submersible without a pressurized cabin.

How did Allies defend against U-boats?

The Allies’ defence against, and eventual victory over, the U-boats in the Battle of the Atlantic was based on three main factors: the convoy system, in which merchant ships were herded across the North Atlantic and elsewhere in formations of up to 60 ships, protected, as far as possible, by naval escorts and …

Has the wreck of U 47 been found?

A team led by Rodrigo Pacheco-Ruiz of the University of Southampton discovered the submarine’s remains during an exploratory dive this summer. Resting at a depth of 150 feet below the surface, the wreck is situated some 20 nautical miles off the coast of Yorkshire, England.

Are there any U-boats in museums?

U-505. The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry has been home to the U-505, a Type IXC U-boat, since 1954. The vessel was seized by the USS Chatelain on June 4, 1944 off the coast of West Africa.

Are there any ww2 submarines left?

Taiwan, R.O.C. has the last two operational WW II built submarines in the world. Both ex-USS Tusk (SS-426), and ex-USS Cutlass(SS-478) were built during WW II, modernized (Guppy II) during 1949 and continued to be operated by the USA before being transferred to Taiwan in the early 1970s.

Why did the U-boats fail?

As a strategy of economic warfare, the U-boat campaigns of the First World War were a failure, largely due to diplomatic pressure from neutrals and eventual British and Allied countermeasures. German U-boat captains failed to block the flow of US troops to Europe.

Did U-boats have showers?

Washing and showering was not permitted, and no change of clothes. In such a confined space, with little hygiene, deodorant was used to control body odour. There was no privacy, and all space was filled – crew members even slept in the loading torpedo room.

Who lost the most ships in ww2?

the U.S. Merchant Marine

According to the War Shipping Administration, the U.S. Merchant Marine suffered the highest rate of casualties of any service in World War II. Officially, a total of 1,554 ships were sunk due to war conditions, including 733 ships of over 1,000 gross tons.

Why were there no aircraft carriers in the Atlantic?

Early in the War, large areas in the Atlantic could not be covered by land-based aircraft from Canada, Iceland, and Britain. Britain did not have enough fleet or light carriers to provide sufficient protection for convoys in those gaps.

Why did Germany sink U.S. ships?

The Zimmerman telegram stated that Germany planned to return to unrestricted submarine warfare and would sink all ships – including those carrying American passengers – located in the war zone. The telegram also proposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico should the United States decide to join the European Allies.

Is Greyhound a true story?

“Greyhound” is actually based on a 1955 novel called “The Good Shepherd” by C.S. Forester. And no, it is not a true story. The novel, and film, are a fictional yarn about a non-fictional scenario.

What happened to all the U-boats?

On May 4, the German Navy ordered all U-boats to go to ports in Norway. On May 8, there were 156 still afloat. Their fate was sealed by an agreement among the Allies that sinking the vessels was more economic than scrapping them.

When was the last U-boat Found?

In April 2018, Danish researchers discovered the U-3523 off the coast of Denmark’s northernmost town of Skagen, roughly 403 feet below sea level. The wreck of Royal Navy submarine HMS Urge was discovered in November 2019, 77 years after it vanished in the Mediterranean during World War II.

Did German U-boats go to Argentina?

And although men like Eichmann and Mengele got away on conventional passenger ships, two German submarines are known to have turned up in Argentina some months after the war in Europe ended on May 8 1945. U-530 surrendered to the Argentine navy at Mar del Plata on July 10 1945.

Why did submariners eat lemons?

His reported experiment on board a naval ship in 1747 showed that oranges and lemons were a cure for scurvy.

Has a battleship ever sunk a submarine?

USS Archerfish (SS/AGSS-311) was a Balao-class submarine. She was the first ship of the United States Navy to be named for the archerfish. Archerfish is best known for sinking the Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano in November 1944, the largest warship ever sunk by a submarine.

How many U-boats did Greyhound sink?

They began to take heavy losses. Approximately 41 U-boats were sunk in May 1943 alone, and as a result, Germany decided to withdraw the U-boats. A German U-boat is besieged in the Tom Hanks Greyhound movie. Is Tom Hanks’ character, Ernest Krause, based on a real commander?

How long can a US submarine stay underwater?

Air isn’t a problem as their make their own oxygen and keep the air clean. The limits on how long they can stay underwater are food and supplies. Submarines generally stock a 90-day supply of food, so they can spend three months underwater.

Do sailors get seasick on submarine?

Will I get seasick? Is it like being on a boat? Being on a submarine is very different to being on a boat. There is no rocking motion, as the submarine sits below the waves, and so people who get seasick on a boat will not do so on our submarine.

Can U-boats fully submerge?

Unlike nuclear submarines, which could dive to depths of over 1,000 feet, travel thousands of miles submerged and remain on patrol for months at a time, the u-boat can operate submerged only for brief periods at a time.

Has a submarine ever sunk another submarine?

German submarine U-864 was a Type IXD2 U-boat of Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine in World War II. On 9 February 1945, it became the only submarine in history to be sunk by an enemy submarine while both were submerged.

How long could ww2 Subs stay submerged?

Model of the USS Balao (SS-285) Fleet Submarine Two 126-cell battery groups gave her a submerged top speed of 8.75 knots (16.2 km/hr); holding her speed to 2 knots (4 km/hr), she could remain submerged for 48 hours.

How many submariners died in ww2?


During World War II, the U.S. Navy’s submarine service suffered the highest casualty percentage of all the American armed forces, losing one in five submariners. Some 16,000 submariners served during the war, of whom 375 officers and 3,131 enlisted men were killed.

What is crush depth for a human?

At what depth would a human be crushed? Human bone crushes at about 11159 kg per square inch. This means we’d have to dive to about 35.5 km depth before bone crushes. This is three times as deep as the deepest point in our ocean.

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