Where are crownline boats made?


Is Crownline a high end boat?

Crownline Boats is a solid mid-tier manufacturer, whether offshore fishing, wake sports, or family recreation. Their boats tend to be heavier than the competition, but they have a good reputation for performance due to their unique F.A.S.T. Tab hull design.

Who makes Crownline boat?

Nautic Global Group

Nautic Global Group, manufacturer of Rinker Boats and Godfrey Marine brands, announced in June that it had entered into a non-binding letter of intent to acquire the assets of Crownline Boats.

How fast does a Crownline boat go?

Pushing the throttles on the small-block 5.7-liter EFI, Bravo III to the max at 5,000 rpm, cranked our test boat to a top speed of 54.2 mph.

What kind of boat is a Crownline?

From bowriders to cruisers and sport yachts, with stern drive or outboard options, Crownline has a boat that fits your active lifestyle on the water. Crownline Boats are without a doubt the most exciting and progressive boats on the market today.

Who bought Crownline Boats?

WEST FRANKFORT, Ill. — Crownline Boats has been purchased and will resume production in the near future, according to a memo sent to its dealer network Thursday. Tony Zielinski, owner of Leisure Properties LLC, and Dave Wilson, owner of Misty Harbor and Ultracraft, joined together to purchase Crownline.

How much is a brand new Crownline boat?

$40,000 – $200,000

New Crownline boats, $40,000 – $200,000 – Boat technical specs and model comparison – The Boat Guide.

What is the warranty on Crownline boats?

“Best in Class” Signature Class Coverage • Lifetime structural warranty on the deck, hull and • Five year warranty against manufacturer’s defect transom for as long as you own your boat on stainless steel • Lifetime warranty on all analog gauges* • Five year warranty on gelcoat blistering • Lifetime stringer system …

Do they still make Glastron boats?

Producing watercraft for the marketplace since 1956, Glastron Incorporated has sold over 500,000 boats around the world. Flourishing as a manufacturer of bowriders, deck boats and cabin cruisers, Glastron remains modern in the application of fiberglass boat construction.

How much does a Crownline boat weight?

4,370 lbs.

220 SS

OVERALL LENGTH: 21’10″/ 6.7 m BEAM: 102″ / 2.6 m DRY WEIGHT: 4,370 lbs. / 1,982 kg
FUEL CAPACITY: 45 gal. / 170 L PERSON CAPACITY: 10 WEIGHT CAPACITY: 1,580 lbs. / 717 kg
MAX POWER: 350 HP / 261 kW   DEADRISE: 19°

How wide is a Crownline boat?

With the Super Sport 21 SS, Crownline delivers a first class, fun boat with walk-thru windshield, walk-thru transom, Super Sport interior with bucket seats and a sundeck with rear bench seating. … Compare.

Base price $43,790 (USD)
Dimensions / Weight
Length overall 6.4 m (20′10″)
Beam 2.6 m (8′6″)

How much does a Crownline 265 SS cost?



  Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $125,685 $130,150
Options (Add)
Total Price $125,685 $130,150

Does crownline make a deck boat?

Go ahead and overpack with the spacious Crownline E275. There’s plenty of room for all your toys and gear in this crossover model that melds the F.A.S.T. Tab® performance and stylish lines of a bowrider with the spacious comfort of a family-friendly deck boat.

What is a bowrider boat?

Characteristics. A bow rider or bowrider is a type of boat which has a seating area in the bow, the forward part of the ship. Bow riders are generally designed for recreational use such as day cruising or water skiing, and they come in a variety of styles from luxurious to basic.

Who is Glastron made by?

Groupe Beneteau

Glastron is a boat manufacturing company and was one of the first manufacturers of fiberglass boats. Glastron is owned by Rec Boat Holdings, a subsidiary of Groupe Beneteau.

Do Glastron boats hold their value?

Old Glastron boats do hold their value. These boats are built to last, so they can be passed down from generation to generation. The hull design and construction of Glastron boats make them some of the most durable boats on the market. This means that they will retain their value for many years to come.

Who bought Glastron?


Beneteau in 2014 acquired the American boat brands Glastron, Four Winns, Scarab and Wellcraft.

How much does a Crownline 240 Ex weight?

240 SS

OVERALL LENGTH: 23′ 10″ / 6.26 m BEAM: 102″ / 2.59 m DRY WEIGHT: 5,075 lbs./2302 kg
FUEL CAPACITY: 45 gal. / 170 L PERSON CAPACITY: 11 WEIGHT CAPACITY:1,650 lbs./748 kg
MAX POWER: 430 HP / 321 kW   DEADRISE: 19°

Do you negotiate boat prices?

Whether you’re looking at a boat from a dealership or a private seller, you should be negotiating — it’s just like buying a car. But negotiating doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

What is the life expectancy of a boat engine?

1,500 hours

The average marine gasoline engine runs for 1,500 hours before needing a major overhaul. The average marine diesel engine will run for more than three times that long and log an average 5,000 hours under the same conditions.

How much does a 26 ft crownline weight?



POWER BOATS Length Weight (lbs)
E24 XS 24′ 5100
E25(*) 25′ 5701
255 SS(*) 26′ 5600
264 CR(*) 26′ 7559

Can a bowrider go in the ocean?

Bowriders that are over 25′ can generally handle going out into the ocean with an experienced captain. However, Center Console and Dual Console boats tend to have hulls that are better designed to take ocean waves and wakes, yet still have an open bow design.

Can you sit in the front of a bowrider?

However, one of the distinctive features of a bowrider is the V-shaped seating in the bow, or front, of the boat, which where it gets its name. This seating replaces an internal cabin. All models also come with front and rear lights, as well as seating.

Where are Larson boats made?

Located in Pulaski, Wisconsin, just northwest of Green Bay, the Marquis-Larson Boat Group is a collection of six premier, recreational boat brands: Marquis Yachts, Carver Yachts, Larson Boats, Larson FX freshwater fishing boats, Larson Escape pontoon boats, and Striper saltwater fishing boats.

Are Glastron and Four Winns the same?

Four Winns and Glastron are sister companies and wholly owned subsidiaries of Group Beneteau. Fit and finish should be the same because they are both built at what was the Four Winns only factory in Cadillac, Michigan.

Where Are Four Winns boats made?

A French firm now owns Four Winns and other boat brands based in Cadillac. The Beneteau Group, which touts itself as the world’s number one yacht builder, is the new employer of 500 people who build the fiberglas boats on Cadillac’s north side.

Is Glastron a quality boat?

Since then, Glastron has been known for designing and building boats that provide a great overall family boating experience with three great Glaston qualities: innovative technology, functional and family-friendly designs and outstanding performance.

Where are Glastron boats built?

Since the purchase of Glastron by Platinum Equity earlier this year, the manufacturing was moved from the Little Falls, MN factory to the Cadillac, MI facility, introducing 22 boat models with new processes, features and colors to a brand new production facility.

What year did Glastron stop using wood?


In the 1993 model year, Glastron introduced a redesign of its product line, reducing the use of wood components by 50 percent. Molded composites and nylon rotocast materials were substituted.

Do Glastron boats have wood in them?

Wherever wood is used in our boats, Glastron uses only PermaPanel pressure- treated marine plywood. It’s so reliable that it comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Who owns 4 Winns boats?

Groupe Beneteau

Today, Four Winns remains in Cadillac, but it is owned by the French boat company Groupe Beneteau.

Do they still make Wellcraft boats?

60 Years of Leadership. Wellcraft innovation opened up recreational boating to a whole audience more than six decades ago. That same passion for design and engineering leadership is alive at your Wellcraft dealership showrooms for the 2022 season.

Who bought Wellcraft boats?

the Beneteau Group of France

Four Winns, Glastron, Wellcraft and Scarab have been acquired from Platinum Equity Group by the Beneteau Group of France. Platinum Equity retains ownership of Flippin, AR-based Fishing Boat Holdings, maker of the Ranger, Triton and Stratos boat brands.

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