Where to catch pike?

Where is the best place to catch pike?

A select look at some of the most notable locations to go giant pike fishing.

  1. 9 Rainy Lake, Ontario. …
  2. 1 Yukon River, Alaska. …
  3. 5 Taltson River, Northwest Territories. …
  4. 7 Misaw Lake Lodge, Saskatchewan. …
  5. 8 Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan. …
  6. 10 Colorado Reservoirs, U.S. …
  7. 2 Lac La Martre, Northwest Territories.

What is the best month to catch pike?

The water temperature, light intensity, and weather conditions are usually just right during September and October, and so these two months simply provide the very best of timings when it comes to pike fishing.

What is the best depth to catch a pike in?

Most of these fish are caught in shallow water. Big pike, however, go deep. Many times they are in water 15 feet deep or deeper. At these times, a big deep running lure is needed.

What is the best bait for catching pike?

Soft rayed fish that have lots of natural oil in the skin and flesh make the best dead baits for pike fishing. These natural oils leech into the water and help to attract pike that may be cruising in the area. Some of the best dead baits are smelt, alewives, small whitefish, chubs, and the always popular sucker.

Where can I target a big pike?

How to Find Giant Northern Pike Shallow weedy bays in lakes or river backwaters in rivers, slow-moving tributaries or side channels are the first places to begin scouting for monster pike. In the early morning, when the water temperature is in the low to mid 50s, pike hold in the shallowest areas of these spots.

What time of day do Pikes bite?

Pike in the morning are more active than usual. Early morning right before the sun rises is an excellent time to target hungry pike. You can either find them in open or shallow water hunting down their first meal of the day.

Can I pike fish all year round?

Pike can be caught throughout the year, but are most active during cold water seasons – from fall to spring. This is why they’re very popular during winter times when lakes and rivers are frozen. Since sun isn’t a factor anymore, they are active throughout the day, with small spikes during sunrise and sunset.

Where do pike hide in rivers?

Pike is a predator fish, who takes advantage of the surroundings. In rivers, pikes usually stay out of the stream, hiding in water weeds and lily pads. A great place to start would be the turning points of a river or river mouths. When it’s warm, pikes move to deeper waters.

How do you target a pike?

How do you fish for pike from shore?

14 Tips for Shore Fishing for Pike

  1. Fan Cast. It is important to cover many different casting angles when fishing from shore. …
  2. Put on Waders. …
  3. Approach Water Cautiously. …
  4. Map out Topography. …
  5. Switch Baits for Missed Fish. …
  6. Hard Hook Sets. …
  7. Use a Wire Leader. …
  8. Darken Up Your Wire Leader.

Can you eat pike?

Pike can actually be a very enjoyable fish to eat, provided it is cooked in an appropriate fashion. This page looks at just one of the many ways it is possible to cook a small pike.

What color lures do pike like?

The very best lures to use for pike in clear water are swimbaits, softbaits, and crankbaits with an authentic pattern and swimming action. Natural lure colors that resemble the pike’s prey, such as white, silver, green, or black, have proven most effective.

What temperature is best for pike fishing?

Research have shown that the pike is most active when temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius, but they are several factors playing into this.

How deep are pike in the winter?

Agreed, however, that in most prime lakes, most bigger pike come from 15 to 35 feet of water during midwinter. Granted, too, depth is relative. Twelve feet is relatively deep in a body of water where weedgrowth ends at 6 feet and maximum depth is 25 feet.

Is a full moon good for pike fishing?

What’s the best time to fish for pike? Most pike were caught during the new and full moon phases and at dusk (morning and evening). Scientists suspect that at dusk prey fish enter the open water, giving pike a higher chance of hunting success.

Do pike feed in the dark?

Do Pike Bite at Night? Pike actually do feed during the night, even if many anglers believe that they do not. Anglers who do fish for Esox when it’s dark often have very successful sessions. Even though they generally catch somewhat fewer fish than during the daytime, they tend to catch bigger specimens.

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